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Nestle Is Working on a Chocolate with Less Sugar and Calories

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If you love chocolate, you are not alone. For the United States confectionary industry, which is valued at about $34.5 billion, chocolate is an important product. Over 60% or $21.1 billion in sales is from the sale of chocolate, according to the National Confectioners Association. Many chocolate treats. are made for a variety of holidays. There are even events devoted to chocolate. Camp resorts around the country even host chocolate lover?s weekends.

Many people try to avoid the tasty treat because of the calories. People who love chocolate may take heart. Nestle is working on a chocolate that has a lot less sugar in it. The company has said that it has been able to chemically alter the structure of sugar, according to reporting done by the


Five Reasons You Should Go Camping

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Those who take camping vacations swear by them, always eager to attempt to convince those who do not. They are right to try and convince others, but sometimes their words fall on deaf ears. As a public service, some of the best reasons to go camping are listed here. Perhaps after reading the five reasons below, you too will realize why campers are so devoted to this pastime.

  1. Disconnect: It is not the position of this writer that there is anything wrong with the multitude of devices so many people in the United States use from the moment they wake to the last minutes before sleeping. However, the fact remains that it is difficult to really leave behind the pressu

If You Have the Money, a Private Jet Is the Way to Go

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Those who have the money often avail themselves of private aviation services. That can be in the form of a charter flight or owning all or part of their own plane. There are many advantages to flying private, although there is one big drawback — the cost.

Private aviation isn’t for everyone, mainly because it is expensive. A first-class ticket for a domestic flight in the U.S. probably costs somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the destination and distance. By contrast, an hour on a light jet costs about $2,300 per person while the price for a large jet is nearly double that. For the price of a short flight on a large jet, you almost could afford to fly an entire family across the country in first class. And then there isn’t just the cost of flight time. If you own your own plane you have c