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When in Liberia, Make Sure to Enjoy These Three Things

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Premier villas

Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, is a beautiful destination, but it is also fascinating due to its culture and history. Approximately 2.5% of the population there is descendant from freed American slaves who immigrated to Liberia after the emancipation. Americans find Liberia a worthwhile destination not just because their currency is well accepted there, but because elegant resorts and luxury villas dot the country. If you are spending some time in Liberia, here are three things that you can do to make the most of your vacation or business trip.

Sapo National Park

There is only one national park in Liberia, and it is the Sapo National Park, comprised mostly of what is considered the last


Finally Go On the Vacation of a Lifetime

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Hotels in camden town london

According to a November 5 article on Breakingtravelnews.com, the UK received a big tourism boost from the 2012 London Olympics. It has previously been estimated that approximately 30 million international visitors visit London every single year. Some come for business, while others come just to have fun. Either way, chances are a number of them took the time to compare hotel prices beforehand.

From the moment their hotel search starts to when they finalize their hotel reservations, future tourists to London dream of all the historic sites that they will be able to see. Buckingham Palace is still considered to be the most popular tourist destination in London, attracting an astounding 15 million visitors every single year!

Being able to compare hotel prices from the Continue Reading 1 Comment