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Five Ways to Fix Your Scratched Sunglasses

Written by admin. Posted in How are replacement lenses mailed, How to measure ray ban lens size, What are polarized sunglass lenses

Ray ban wayfarer lens replacement

Over 50% of Americans break their sunglasses every year, and every 14 minutes, someone loses, sits on or breaks a pair of sunglasses. Some breaks can’t be repaired, but it’s often possible to fix scratched sunglass lenses or order replacement sunglass lenses to save your favorite pairs. Here are six methods for salvaging your favorite sunglasses:

1. Toothpaste

Get the most regular toothpaste you can find. Abrasive, minty, whitening or gel toothpaste will damage rather than fix scratched sunglass lenses. Use a cotton ball to rub the paste on the scratch in a circular motion for about ten seconds, then rinse the toothpaste with cold water. Repeat this process until the scratch disappears.

2. Ba