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Archive for May, 2015


Why Corporate Housing In New Jersey Is On The Rise

Written by admin. Posted in New jersey furnished apartments, New jersey short term rentals, Preferred corporate housing

Nj furnished rentals

Corporate housing includes furnished apartments, condos, and houses rented on a temporary basis, usually at a minimum of 30 days at at time.

Nationwide, there are more than 56,000 corporate housing units available for rent. Workers often choose extended stay corporate housing for the superior cost value. A 30-day stay at an extended stay hotel, even with monthly discount rates, costs about 20% more than corporate housing rentals.

In New Jersey, cities like Princeton, Jersey City, and Hoboken have units available for out of town workers, tourists, or even aspiring New Jersey citizens. The majority of renters in corporate housing, ne


Three Expert Packing Tips and Tricks for a Long Term Business Stay

Written by admin. Posted in Long term corporate housing, New york city corporate housing, Nj short term rentals

National corporate housing companies

One of the difficulties of accepting a new job or a long term assignment in a different area is finding the right place to stay. Corporate housing is basically furnished apartment which is available for a temporary arrangement, usually longer than 30 days. The average stay in corporate housing last year was 84 nights. If you’ve decided to stay in corporate temporary housing, the next struggle you’re going to have is packing well. Here are a few expert tips and tricks for doing it.

1. Ask which amenities the rental has.
Short term rentals like corporate housing are actually generally equipped with many of the things you’re going to need while staying the