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Archive for September, 2015


How to Narrow Down Campground Locations for Your Family’s Next Camping Trip

Written by admin. Posted in Camping vacations, Indian river campgrounds, Tent camping in michigan

Campgrounds near silver lake sand dunes

Camping: each year, around 40 million Americans go camping for a collective 500 million or more days. Families and individuals use time spent camping to get in touch with nature and participate in other outdoor activities, like hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, or hunting and fishing. Yet before booking a camping trip, it’s important to know exactly what’s needed to stay comfortable and have fun on the trip.

Need to know how to narrow down campground locations before you plan your trip? Here are three factors to keep in mind before you book your next camping excursion:

  1. Consider the type of camping you want to do. Whether you’re staying at camp sites that allow tents or you’re choosing from Continue Reading No Comments


3 Cool Camping Hacks For Your Next Fall Trip

Written by admin. Posted in Family vacation campgrounds, Ndiana cabin rentals, North carolina camping

Camping in indiana

If you’re planning on taking a fall camping trip, you’re going to have a great time. The cool, crisp air. The beautifully vivid foliage. The affordable rates. It’s amazing.

That being said, you can always make your trip better. Here are a few cool tips and tricks that will make your next trip to the campgrounds even better.

Use foam floor tiles to make your tent floor more comfy. - If you’re planning on going tent camping, bring along some of those foam floor tiles preschools use in children’s play rooms. They’ll fit perfectly in