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Archive for August 3, 2018


4 Tips for Your First Helicopter Tour in Hawaii

Written by admin. Posted in Helicopter flights oahu, Helicopter hawaii oahu, Helicopter rides oahu

You are taking a much needed summer vacation to beautiful Hawaii and all of your friends and family have told you that you must do a helicopter tour of the islands while you’re there. While this idea sounds fun and exciting, it will be your first ever helicopter tour and you have no idea where to start. Do you look at the best helicopter tours in Oahu or the Big Island? When should you schedule it for? No need to panic, the island life is all about relaxation and you’ll fit right in after reading the four tips below.

  1. Fly at the right time:You will probably want to pack your Hawaiian vacation with many other activities as well, but save a spot on the first or second day of your trip for the helicopter tour. This way you’ll have a good orientation of the island from your bird’s eye view before you embark on your other activities.

    The time of day of your flight is important as well. In general, the best time to fly is in the late morning or e