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Archive for March 5, 2019


Some Tips For Planning Your Next Vacation – And Why You Should Consider Going To Alaska

Written by admin. Posted in Alaska glacier wedding packages, Dogsled tours, See anchorage by plane

Going on vacation is incredibly important for many people and can even be beneficial for overall mental health and physical health as well. In fact, the vast majority of people feel that they benefit greatly from taking a vacation, and more than 90% of all people greatly value their vacation time here in the United States, where working life can certainly be grueling – to say the very least. Here in the United States, the data has even backed this up, showing that men who are already at risk for heart disease will increase their chances of having a heart attack by more than a quarter – but only if they skip vacations for up to five years in a row.

Therefore, taking vacation time is as important for your physical health as much as it is for your mental health. Taking care of your health and going on vacation has even been proven to improve your overall work performance. Even just taking an additional ten hours of vacation over the course of a single year can improve overall job per