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Alaskan Tourism Is Seeing A Recent Boom What Today’s Helicopter Rides Are Doing For Today’s Tourists

Written by admin. Posted in Anchorage helicopter tours, Glacier flight, Take a dogsled

Travel is good for the heart and soul. It gives you a nuanced perspective on the world at large and changes the way you look at your own life.

There’s a reason why that co-worker or cousin acts so much different after spending a week abroad. While their improved mood can seem like a bunch of posturing, there’s actually a psychological reason beneath it all: vacations are just good for you. When you want to do something special for your anniversary, hopping over to the local bar just isn’t good enough. You need to visit someplace new and experience what the planet at its most beautiful.

What better place to do that than Alaska? The Last Frontier is a prime tourist spot for many and we’re going to take a look at why below.

How Alaska’s Tourist Industry Has Been Thriving

You may have noticed co-workers or friends visiting Alaska over these past few years. Whether to move somewhere new or try their hand at dog sledding, there alw