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Carter Caves, KY Is Your Next Stop!

Written by admin. Posted in Carter caves state resort park, Family vacation, Grayson lake state park

Is your family due for a vacation? The daily drag of jobs, bills and every day worries can weigh you down. If you’re lucky enough to live in Kentucky or you’re capable of making it there, and you like the outdoors, then perhaps visiting the Carter Caves is right up the alley for your ideal family vacation.

Carter Caves cabins offer up to 3 bedroom cottages for your family to rest their heads before engaging in the plethora of activities available on the various Kentucky State Parks. Whether it’s tourism that brought you to Kentucky State Parks or it’s the various places to visit, Carter Caves has you covered.

Grab a helmet and a bottle of water and hop on your bike! Many of Kentucky’s state parks have mountain biking trails carved into the landscape. For those less ambitious, paved trails are also available for use for more recreational speeds. Regardless of your speed and difficulty, the biking trails offer an excellent way of combining exercise with nature like the many lak