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How to Get More Done With Private Jet Charters

Written by admin. Posted in Empty leg charter flights, Empty leg flight, Jet management services

Empty leg private jet

There aren?t many things more frustrating than sitting in line for hours trying to make it through customs, just to sit on a loud, crowded, uncomfortable flight. Between crying babies, little to no leg room, and who knows what that smell might be, a regular passenger flight can be a painful experience.

Obviously this is not conducive to the start of a relaxing vacation, but this can become an even more serious problem when on a business flight. Flights are typically full of people traveling to conduct business day in and day out. Even back in 2012, about 33% of domestic business trips involved air travel. Only about 11% of leisure trips that same year included air travel.

All of the time needed to travel can cut a serious chunk out of time that could be used to take care of other duties. Ho