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Why You Need an In-house Wedding Coordinator

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While growing up, almost every little girl had the idea of the perfect wedding. Several years later, it is now time to actualize your dream. No matter how many weddings you have ever attended your entire life, yours will always make you a bit nervous.

Due to the desire for a perfect wedding day, you might get overwhelmed. There is so much to put together, from the wedding reception to the actual wedding venue. However, with the help of a competent in-house wedding coordinator, you can afford to sleep peacefully before your wedding.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Some people, especially ones that want a DIY wedding, might argue that hiring a wedding planner does not help. However, the benefits are so many. Let’s take a look.


Planning is the critical role of an in-house wedding coordinator. As the bride and the groom, you want everything to run smoothly. By handing over this mandate to a coordinator, you can comfortably f


Understanding The Difference Between Hotels and Inns

Written by admin. Posted in Mendocino hotels, Mendocino lodging, Perfect wedding venue

Hotels and inns are part of the hospitality industry that offers both food and accommodation to their guests. These two types of accommodations are similar in some aspects, yet they have various unique and subtle differences that help distinguish the two.

What is a hotel?
A hotel is a commercial establishment where visitors book a room to stay, have meal and enjoy other services such as gym, swimming pools, gaming, mini-bars, spas, conference and meeting halls. Hotels have many rooms with beds and usually fitted with other essentials like TV, computer, telephone, chair, air conditions and a small table.

Essentially, hotels cater to guests who have reached their final destination and can also serve as a perfect wedding venue for couples who don’t want the traditional black-tie wedding.

What is an inn?
Inn is often a term used for establishments that provide travelers with Continue Reading No Comments