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Options to Consider When Purchasing Replacement Lenses

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Replacement oakley lenses

Replacing sunglass lenses is enough. All you have to do is pop or screw them back in, which takes all of 10 minutes usually. Before you can do that though, you have to buy a pair of replacement lenses for sunglasses, which can be a little bit trickier than you’d think.

Here are a few of the considerations you should make when purchasing replacement sunglass lenses.

Replacement Type.

There are three main types of replacement lenses: authentic, generic, and custom. Authentic lenses are made by the same name-brand company that manufactured the frames, while generic replacement lenses are made by third-party companies to fit certain models of sunglasses. Custom lenses are


Three Unique Ways to Explore Panama

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Luxury concierge

“The leafiest tree doesn’t always have the juiciest fruit” is one Panamanian proverb worth keeping in mind. When it comes to traveling, this phrase could easily apply to exploring the undiscovered wonders of Panama, a country that manages to touch two different oceans at once.

Of course there is always the allure of countries like Italy or England, where there is a firmly set path of things you can see, and buses you can hop on and off. But just because these countries might be the ones everyone goes to, doesn’t mean they hold the most promise for your visit. There are many juicy surprises in store for people who decide to check out Panama. Here are three great ways to have an adventure in the country whose motto is “Pro Mundi Beneficio” — “For the Benefit of the World.”

1. Nvidia Bat Cave<


Five Common Household Products You Can Use to Buff Out Scratches in Sunglass Lenses

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Replacing sunglass lenses

Let’s face it. You don’t treat your sunglasses the respect that they deserve. You stuff them in your pocket when you’re not wearing them; you clean them without any solution; and you drop them on a regular basis. No wonder you’re thinking about getting sunglass replacement lenses.

Luckily for you, it probably hasn’t yet gotten to that point yet. Instead of trying to replace sunglass lenses, why not try buffing out the scratches? Here are just some of the ways you can easily fix scratched sunglass lenses with items you probably have laying around the house already.

Lemon Pledge.

Yes, that’s right. You can fix scratched sunglass lenses with lemon scented pledge