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Five Common Household Products You Can Use to Buff Out Scratches in Sunglass Lenses

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Replacing sunglass lenses

Let’s face it. You don’t treat your sunglasses the respect that they deserve. You stuff them in your pocket when you’re not wearing them; you clean them without any solution; and you drop them on a regular basis. No wonder you’re thinking about getting sunglass replacement lenses.

Luckily for you, it probably hasn’t yet gotten to that point yet. Instead of trying to replace sunglass lenses, why not try buffing out the scratches? Here are just some of the ways you can easily fix scratched sunglass lenses with items you probably have laying around the house already.

Lemon Pledge.

Yes, that’s right. You can fix scratched sunglass lenses with lemon scented pledge


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Luxury vacation rentals miami beach

Did you know that Miami Beach, Florida has been rated as one of the top 10 vacation destinations in the world by Fodor’s Travel? In addition, Miami Beach has been a renowned beach resort in the United States since the early 20th century. As a result, more than 87,000 people live in Miami Beach, and luxury condo and villa rentals are always available. There are several benefits of living in Miami Beach, Get more here. Continue Reading No Comments


Today’s Cutting-Edge Executive Corporate Housing Solutions

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Prefered corporate housing

If you’re looking for high quality executive corporate housing you can’t afford to just settle with any old corporate housing rentals. Why? Because not all long term corporate housing is designed to accommodate those folks with different purposes. After all, there are executives, trainees, and others with a desire for housing for different needs.

When it comes to executive corporate housing, you need more than housing from a place that claims to offer “premier corporate housing” or “VIP corporate housing.” This is because any body can call their housing “preferred,” “premier,” or “VIP,” but what good does a suffix make when it is far from being true? Plus, if you’re looking for executive corporate housing, you don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t offer the luxury appropriate for an all