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Visit Thrilling Turkey with An Expert Guide

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Private turkey tours

Historic (Western) Europe and the Caribbean have always been desirable tour destinations for Americans, but there are other rich and inviting locales in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and East Asia to explore. And they can be explored in comfort and security, with an expert guide, for those who want to invest in a guided tour. Escorted turkey tours are especially exciting.
Private Turkey tours can introduce you to history filled places like the beautiful city of Istanbul, whose winding streets and intricate Byzantine architecture have been used to evocative effect in many classic films like Topkapi, Midnight Express and From Russia With Love. Other likely points of interest for private Turkey tours include the surreally beautiful hot springs at Pamukkale, the ruins at Mount Nemrut, and the striking, ornate Blue Mosque.

Luxury turkey tours introduce a new level of convenience: hotel service charges, site admission and baggage handling fees, meal expenses (and pretty much anything you can think of) are generally covered in your total tour cost, leaving your full attention on exploring with your tour guide. Small group Turkey tours allow for increased schedule flexibility, too, meaning you can spend as much or little time at each site as you see fit. This really helps create private Turkey tours that are specially tailored to your group’s interests.

Private Turkey tours may vary in length from just a couple of days, to 18 or more days traveling the country. They generally accommodate your choice of lodging, too. So for the adventurous traveler, private turkey tours or escorted tours to destinations like
Greece, Israel, Jordan or Vietnam are a reasonably priced and thrilling option that serious travelers should consider for their next vacation.


Cruise Holidays of Wichita in Wichita Kansas

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Cruise Holidays of Wichita

214 South Rock Road

Wichita, Kansas 67207


(316) 686-2900

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Experience a once-in-a-lifetime tour with Cruise Holidays! We offer a wide selection of tour packages and celebrity cruises that will satisfy your vacation dreams! Make your summer getaway special!


Planning luxury golf vacations

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Luxury golf vacations

If you are one of the world’s 50 to 60 million golfers, and you would like to venture outside of the over 17,000 golf courses in the United States, you should consider talking to a travel agent to plan luxury golf vacations. Ever since the first formal golf club, the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith, was formed in 1744 to hold their annual competition, golfers have combined their passion for the sport with their love of travel, and enjoyed luxury golf vacations the world over.

Join the legions of golfers who have taken recent luxury golf vacations, who are, most probably from Germany or Scandinavia, according to statistics. Travel agents can help you pick the perfect itinerary and golf trip packages, and make all your flight reservations so that you get a fantastic price on one of the many luxury golf vacations that you can enjoy this year. The best golf vacations are the ones that you put a fair amount of planning into, so don’t wait too long before you start to make your travel arrangements for luxury golf vacations.

Talk to a travel agent today, and, in no time, you will be out on the links shouting “Fore”, a cry that was most likely adopted from military usage as a way to warn others to watch out ahead. If you’re traveling with family members or friends who are non golfers, make sure you that, when you visit your travel agent, you discuss finding a place where everyone will be happy while you’re enjoying the first of many luxury golf vacations. Many of the places around the world that have some of the best golf courses also have lots of fun things for the whole family to do, so, don’t be discouraged from planning luxury golf vacations if your spouse or children are not as avid about hitting the links as you are.