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6 Tips to a Better Experience Chartering a Bus

Written by admin. Posted in Benefits of bus travel, Charter bus rentals, Coach bus transportation michigan

Charter bus companies in michigan

More and more people are chartering buses for their groups and their excursions. Since the first horse drawn buses were first seen on the streets in the 1820s, a lot has changed. Many groups look to charter a bus when they have an event to attend, want to head out on the town or are looking do put together a tour of a new area. There are are a lot of great reasons to chart a bus. Many people are not sure what they should do to make the most of the experience. Here are some tips to getting the right bus and having the best experience.

  1. Start with the safety rating of the bus company you hire. One of the best parts of a bus charter is the peace of mind that comes along with a safe ride. You should expect to get a good driver with an impeccable record and knowledge of the area where you will be going. All of that starts with the safety rating for the company you hire. When you have a list of bus charter companies, head over to the U.S. Department of Transportation and check out their rating. Keep in mind the fact that the best rating they can get is “satisfactory” so do not be put off if the company you want to hire has that rating.
  2. Check the licenses. The company you hire has to have the right licenses for the drivers. They need to be up to date and the correct kind of license. You should also make sure the bus company has all of the permits that they are required to have and that these are also up to date. If you are going to be taking a longer trip that will involve tolls or other fees, make sure you have had the conversation with the bus charter company before you head out on the road. Most of the time, the charter company will take care of that but it is worth having the conversation.
  3. Ask for references. If you have friends who have gone and rented a charter bus, ask them who they used. In fact, before you start talking to charter bus companies, take some time to talk to your friends and family. One of the best ways to get good quality products and services is to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust. Then, when you are talking to companies, get references. Many bus companies that charter buses will have testimonials on their websites and you should take some time to check them if they are there.
  4. Ask about the equipment. There are a lot of options when it comes to charter buses. There are small charter buses are larger charter buses. Most of the time, there are between 40 and 60 seats on charter buses. You should also make sure you have enough drivers. If you are going a longer distance, there is a limit to how long a driver can work and how long they are allowed to drive. If you are going a longer way, the charter bus company may work to get relief drivers to work your trip.
  5. Check to make sure the buses are clean. Now you may not want to go out to the charter bus company to check on the bus you and your group will be using but you can ask how often they are cleaned and serviced. Most charter buses today do have restrooms on them. That is often a great thing but if, for some reason, your bus has not had the restroom facilities cleaned, it can make for a long, long trip. Just ask how often this is taken care of.
  6. What kinds of extras can you expect? There are often a lot of entertainment features that you can expect from your charter bus experience. Most newer bus charters have WiFi. You can also get a bus that has DVD players or that you can stream movies to the screens. If you are going to an historic spot, you can show your group videos about your destination.

When you get a bus charter today, you can have a great experience with your group.




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